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About Maharaj Ji


Once in a great while an enlightened being comes amongst us to illuminate the truth and nudge us in our awakening. Krishna, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Mohammad, and others have come and taught those who would listen in a manner appropriate for the time.

Today, in India and abroad, one such enlightened world teacher has been recognized,Yug Purush MahaMandeleshwar Swami Parmanand Giri Ji Maharaj. Born in the late 30's in the small village of Mawie Dham in U.P., India, he was recognized by many elders as being an exceptional child. The Great Saint Sri Swami Akhandanand Ji Maharaji from Chitrakoot, M.P. also recognized the nature of the boy and accepted him as a disciple.

Under his Guru's guidance, he became versed in the ancient scriptures as well as becoming an herbalist and master of yoga and mediation. After completing his education he took vows of sanyas and chose the path of a Karma Yogi, dedicating his life for the welfare of humanity. He became known as Brahmn Gyani, one who is Self-Realized, and was soon after initiated into Sainthood as Swami Paramanand Ji Maharaj. After 50 years now, he continues to share the gifts of his experiential knowledge. Today, his full title is, Yug Purush Mahamandeleshwar Swami Paramanand Giri Ji Maharaj. He is notably being honored and recognized as the Yug Purush, a world Guru of the present Yug (era).

As an enlightened scholar, yoga master, teacher, philosopher, counselor and spiritual Guru, Swami Ji has a following from all around the world. He first came to America when he was invited to address the World Millennium Peace Summit of Spiritual leaders in 2000 at the United Nations. He now travels worldwide through North & South America, Canada, England, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. He is continually sharing his knowledge by teaching, giving darshan, and imparting knowledge as an initiation, passing on Divine dynamic power to those who are ready to receive it.

Over 150 books have been written about his teachings and techniques and many have been written or translated into foreign languages. Many audio CD's and VCD's are also available of Maharaj Ji's teachings.

Swamij Ji's personal lifestyle and concern for humanity is evident by his tireless selfless service. His message is simple: "Know Thyself" and his techniques to attaining this knowledge are as vast as the ocean. Under his guidance, many have been led to recognize the eternal divinity that resides within each and every one of us.

Swami Ji tells us that we are the Ocean, but that momentarily we have forgotten who we are and think that we are an individual wave instead. We are in the process of remembering our true essence. It is through understanding and experiencing ourselves that we can reunite with our true soul consciousness and remember who we are and why we have come here.

It is then that we may be the playful wave that knows it is the Ocean, and retain a deep peace within the Oneness.

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