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DVDs, BooksMP3

CDs, DVDs andBooks

Gurudev's parvachans in CDs and DVDs

Direct Experience of Truth mp3 CD

Swami Paramanand Ji's teachings covering a variety of subjects, including immortality, direct knowing, being vs becoming, the role of intellect and true freedom.

Compiled by Gerald Leitner & Read by Elizabeth VanDyke
             Rs 100.

English book also available.

All Talking Books are available in soft and/or hardback books.
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CDs and DVDs

US Tour 2009 MP3
SELECTED TALKS from the 2009 USA tour. Specific satsang dates can also be ordered by emailing akhand.webshop@gmail.com

      Rs 100.

US Tour 2010 mP3
SELECTED TALKS from the 2010 USA tour. Specific satsang dates can also be ordered by emailing akhand.webshop@gmail.com

       Rs 100.

Kumbha Mela Haridwar  2010 SATSANGS mP3
from the 2010 Kumbha Mela in Haridwar. Paramanand Ji Maharaj's satsangs with English translation.

Rs 500.

England 2009 Tour Satsang
tour satsangs from 2009.

This is mostly all hindi.

Rs 100.

Atam & Bodh 
Set of 28 VCD.

Rs 840.

Aproksh Anubhuti Set of 27 VCD

Rs 810.


Ardh Kumbh-2007
32 VCD set.
Rs 960.

Drig Drishya Vivek
Set of 24 VCD
Rs 540.


Ashtavakra Geeta
Set of
24 VCD
Rs 720.


Brahm Sakshatkar
17 VCD set. Hindi Only.

Rs 510


Kaho Nanak Sun re Mana 2009   
11 VCD set.
Rs 340.


Swaraj Sidhi Sadhna 2009   
14 VCD set.
Rs 420.


Bhranti Nivaran
18 VCD set. Hindi Only.

Rs 540


Dhyan (T series)
3 VCD set.
Rs 90.


Kalateet Bodh Shivir   
9 DVD set.
Rs 900.


Nectar of Grace - Bhajans
A MIX OF CLASSIC HINDI & ENGLISH CHANTS & SONGS with cross cultural interpretation, a bit of vamped gospel & some original compositions. Most of these were learned while traveling with Gurudev throughout India. There's even a bit of Gurudevs singing!

Arrangement & Lead Vocals by Valerie Naiman


Who Knows?
Collection of 8 Devotional Songs, Bhakti Bhajans & Kirtans dedicated to Paramanand Ji Maharaj.

Vocals by Narayan Das Kandhari
Music by Sunil Sharma



Divine Beauty

In these teachings of Swami Paramanand Ji, we are helped to understand what true enlightenment is. He tells us to put forth the effort to realize our own inner Divine Beauty and provides the means to do so.


Inner Peace

Self-Realization has been seemingly hidden in esoteric teachings beyond the grasp of the normal person. In this book Paramanand Ji Maharaj provides a roadmap to inner realms of Self uncovery that makes it easy to absorb. (Also available as a talking book)

Compiled and Edited by Valerie Naiman


Three Talks

Three talks from satsangs in Asheville, NC, USA Amarkantak, MP, India and Sacramento, CA., USA clarifying Advaita Vedant, the non-duality of Oneness. Techniques and guidance on being One Consciousness.

Compiled by Beverly Appel


Meditation and Pranayam

This introductory book explaining the meaning, purpose and techniques for meditation and pranayam.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D


Wisdom Within

Swami Paramanand Ji's teachings from two foreigner retreats in India and His American tour in 2008.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D


Immortal Existence

3 satsangs of Swami Paramanand Ji speaking about the necessity of transcending the mind and body to merge with the Supreme Soul enabling us to live in peace with unconditional love.

Compiled by Betsey Grobecker


Direct Experience of Truth

Each page is beautiful produced in full color and is loaded with pictures of Swami Parmanand Ji. The content covers short essays & stories that are easy to reference and understand, taken from discourses by Swami Ji.

Compiled by Gerald Leitner & Read by Elizabeth VanDyke


Perfection in Life Experience

Swami Paramanand Ji speaks about strving for surrendering to surrender all that is of the big ego to be able to penetrate the heart. He guides one to realize true perfection in this life.

Translated & Second edition by Betsy Grobecker


Body to Soul Consiousness

WHO AM I REALLY? Paramanand Ji Maharaj answers a devotees question, Who am I? shares the knowledge of how to recognize oneself.

Edited by Valerie Naiman
(Also available as a talking book)


108 Insights Sukti Mala

QUOTES TO INSPIRE your daily life from Swami Parmanand Jiare strung together forming a mala of insights.

This is a table top style book. Compiled by Whitebird with No Name
(Also available as a talking book)


Presence of Grace.

Teachings of Paramanand Ji Maharaj addressing how to realize our inner presence of Divinity.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.


Crossing the Cosmic Ocean

According to Vedanta truth is not of individuated matter form but is of the omnipotent power deep within. One can cross the cosmic ocean of creation journeying to the source of blissfull immortality.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D


Set of five small books

Teach separate small book covers a specific path of vendanta Knowledge, Devotion, Karma and spritual; practices.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D

$10. (for a set of 5)

Uniting Divinity and Science

From the teaching of Maharaj Ji. This book shares ideas on how science and Vedanta are related to and support one another.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D


Yoga Flip Chart

Yoga and it's Importance Stand-up Flipchart

Yoga Asans shown by Swami ParamanandJi to improve respiratory, nervous, muscular and circulatory systems. Pictures, process and benefits for each pose are included.

Complied by Akhand Paramdham


Awakening to the Bliss of Immortal Spirit

Paramanand Ji guides us within to more subtle layers of consiousness. Concentrating on purity of actions, impurities are burned allowing the embodied soul to merge with Supreme Soul realizing true Bliss.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D



Journey to Self Realization

This book presents Maharaj Ji's teachings along with some of the editor's spiritual journey from a university researcher to service of a Holy Master.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D



Awareness as the Art of Meditation

Paramanand Ji takes us into the deeper work of meditation where one uses awareness to dispel the dillusion of the self as the mind and body.

Complied by Betsey Grobecker, Ed.D




Adopt a cow for life at Swami Paramanand Goushala in Sijai village where his original ashram is. Your gift provides milk & natural medicine to the rural community for sustenance, agriculture, fuel & ayurvedic treatment.

New Years Calf 'Savitri' adopted by Anetti Jolink from Amsterdam.. ->

Gift yourself or loved one a heritage breed cow for Maharaj Ji's goshala in Sijay, India and not only help them from becoming extinct but be rescued from abuse. Not only that but your gift of adoption will provide milk, medicinal materials & dung to the ashram as well as the larger rural community for sustenance, agriculture and medical uses. With grain and milk products a healthy diet can nourish many starving families. A vocational training center also uses the cow resources in this poor rural area to make medicinal products. These animals are never sold to slaughter houses or abandoned when they become old. The Goshala (cow home) provides shelter and they are lovingly cared for throughout their lives. Your donation is a lifetime gift that keeps on giving. Upon adoption your cow & villagers partake in a prayer ceremony for the donar. A name is chosen in the ceremony for the cow and an adoption tag is lovingly placed on the cows neck with the name and picture of the donar. A photo of the reception is then sent to the donar. If you feel inspired to participate in protecting and caring for these cows but not adopt one, you can make a donation for any amount.



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