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Social Projects

Social Projects Supported through Akhand Paramdham

For 5 decades, Swami Parmanand Ji has been guiding others to their own self-realization and working towards the betterment of humanity. He has fostered hundreds of service projects through Akhand Paramdham, the non-profit organization that manages his vast array of projects.


More than 50 spiritual community ashrams, have been established where sadhus and serious spiritual seekers are provided refuge amidst the sacred grounds of devotional temples throughout Northern and central India. Throughout the year, Swami Paramanand Ji travels to the various ashrams teaching the Vedant, and guiding students in a variety of self-realization techniques in his popular yoga and meditation intensive camps. Typically the days begin before dawn with meditation and yoga followed by a day of spiritual discourses and awareness exercises and ending with a question and answer session before the evening satsang and meditation. In between programs, Swami Ji oversees the numerous social projects of Akhand Paramdham as well as implementing new ones wherever he sees the need.


Maharaj Ji has established 16 schools and colleges in remote areas of India that provide opportunities for those who otherwise would not be able to get an education. Providing classrooms, room and board and buses for those who need to commute has been a Godsend for thousands of underprivileged children.

Vatsalya Gram A Village of Motherly Love

Under the kind patronage of Swami Paramanand Ji, a number of children’s homes have also been established as an alternative to orphanages, women’s shelters and old age homes. concept is to provide a loving family environment where each child is nurtured, where unmarried women can provide the tender care the child needs, while elder figures who might otherwise be in old age homes have the chance of playing grandparent roles. There are no blood relationships within the family but each person contributes to the natural well being of the other and emulates a natural family. Swami's devotee, DiDiMa Ritumbhara, is the dynamic force overseeing this project which has now received international acclaim. Vatsalya Gram is changing the lives of many former deprived children & women. Come forward and help us build a new future for them. Vatsalya Gram

Vocational Training & Women's Assistance

To assist the economic empowerment of women, Swami Ji has set up programs that teach a variety of skills such as embroidery, knitting, sewing and fabric painting, in various villages in India, enabling women to become independent.

Meditation Centers

Maharaj Ji has also opened large meditation centers where programs are regularly held for the benefit of various communities. These centers teach meditation as a peacemaking tool to achieve cooperation and harmonious relations between people, their communities, the nation and the global village we live in.


Akhand Paramdham has opened 5 hospitals with full modern facilities, which offer aurevedic as well as homeopathic treatment at low or no costs. Over 1000 people are being served in any given day. Professional doctors and nurses who are devotees of Swami Paramanand Ji consider it an honor to provide their services to humanity.

Goshalas - Cow protection and adoption program

Cows are revered in India as being the mother of animals and giver of sustenance. Many are left however to roam without care when they quit producing milk, or they are slaughtered. APD has set up 'Goshalas' which are shelters and pasture that serve to protect cows that have been neglected or abused and for heritage breeds that are quickly becoming extinct. Over half of the native Indian breeds are already extinct and Akhand Paramdham in Sijay has developed this program to protect them. The cows are integrated into farming systems and contribute to the enrichment of the land and village. All of these cows are lovingly cared for throughout life. You are invited to participate in protecting these cows by making a donation of any amount. If you are inspired you can also participate in the Cow Adoption Program. Your gift of adoption will provide milk, medicinal materials & dung to the ashram as well as the larger rural community for sustenance, agriculture and medical uses. With grain and milk products a healthy diet can nourish many starving families. A vocational training center also uses the cow resources in this poor rural area to make medicinal products. Your donation of $500. is a lifetime gift that keeps on giving. Upon adoption your cow & villagers partake in a prayer ceremony for the donar. A name is chosen in the ceremony for the cow and an adoption tag is lovingly placed on the cows neck with the name and picture of the donar. A photo of the reception is then sent to the donar. Webshop In an effort to promote cultural nationalism as well as international unity, all of Akhand Paramdham’s projects seek to instill cooperation, diversity and an awareness of the divinity within all of life. You can support a child's education, adopt a cow or get a CareCard for a friend. Click here.

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