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Introduction to Akhand Param Dham

Akhand Paramdham (APD) is a non-profit organization that fosters numerous service programs and manages Swami Paramanand Ji's vast array of social projects. Residential programs for underprivileged children and those who may be physically and/ or mentally challenged have been very effective and continue to expand. Entire villages that are alternatives to orphanages, women's shelters and old age homes are in successful operation and are being implemented in every state. These are but a few of the many programs APD is operating that uplift those in need. The organization also strives to support those who are on a dedicated spiritual path, so that they may truly awaken. Once we are awake it is natural to assist others in need. Swami Paramanand Ji says that unless someone has their basic needs taken care of it is difficult to focus on one's spiritual development. Akhand Paramdham is derived from the names of of Swami Paramanand himself and his Guru Sri Akhandanand Ji Maharaj. Akhand means unbroken. Anand means Bliss. Param means Supreme. Dham means abode. Akhand Paramdham means: Abode of the Unbroken Supreme, or That where the Absolute dwells.

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Our Welfare Projects

Vocational Training

embroidery, knitting, sewing and fabric painting, in various villages in India.

Cleaning River Ganga

Cleaning the life line of North India

Uttarakhand flood relief

Welfare programs for flood relief

Cow Shelters

APD has set up 'Goshalas' which are shelters and pasture that serve to protect cows .

Vatsalya Gram

A number of children’s homes have been established as an alternative to orphanages, women’s shelters and old age homes.

Meditation Centers

There are many meditation centers run by the ashram.